We build kick ass music festival applications for
iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

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Appmiral has a turnkey solution to help music festival organizers enrich their attendants festival experience with a state of the art mobile application.

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A framework driven solution that enables us to develop custom native cross-platform mobile applications with a tremendous amount of useful features, at a fair price and in just a few days time.

reasons you, as a music festival organizer, should choose Appmiral to develop your next music festival application.

The 3 major platforms are supported.

We’ll build your music festival app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


Your app will be 100% native.

Think optimal performance, conventional user experience and the ability to address native components from within the app (GPS, Camera,…).


It works offline!

No internet required to use your application. Proper Internet connection is not always available at your festival due to high attendants concentration, and you know it!


Platform conventional UI

We respect platform conventions. Application users intuitively know how to use your festival application. No manual needed!


Keep your Identity

We will create your festival app with respect for your brand. The app will fit right into the look and feel of every single festival edition.


Our framework = development speed

Thanks to the existence of our frameworks and its components, your fully customized festival app can be built in no time.


You don’t have to worry about Content Management

You have plenty of other stuff to worry about, right? We will make sure that managing the content of your mobile app will not be on that list. We can practically plug in to any 3rd party CMS or API out there.


Your own custom map

One of the app’s features we gladly put on this list. A custom designed GPS accurate map of the festival grounds fully functioning offline. Festival attendants can see their own location, pinpoint their points of interest (eg location of their tent) and share all of that with their friends. It’s like we reinvented Google Maps just for music festivals :)


Your partners can hitch a ride on your mobile app as well.

We are able to easily integrate partner brand content and functionality to extend festival experience and customer relationships in a nonintrusive way.


Gather valuable insights

Get a better understanding of your visitors through the application. What’s the age of your crowd, what bands are they listening to,… The perfect insights to improve your festival towards next year’s edition.

Maybe the #1 reason: We hail from the land of the festivals!
Yes, we are from Belgium. We spend most of our summers and even winters attending the world’s largest and leading festivals. Rock Werchter, Tomorrowland, I Love Techno,… they are all just a couple of minutes away from our doorstep. Next to digital natives, we are definitely festival natives.

Fequently Asked Question

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Example work

A selection of our work, just to tease you... This might not be the right platform to show you our private parts, so contact us if you’re interested to see the full monty!
Download some of our apps in our downloadcenter

rock werchter

Rock Werchter

If there'd be a holy grail among the festivals, Rock Werchter would be it. Repeatedly awarded ‘Best International Festival’, this international rock gathering is known all over the world. Get those coordinates, Werchter's meadows it is! Hit that download button!




Each year Pukkelpop attracts thousands and thousands of visitors from Flanders and far beyond to the Kiewit site near Hasselt. Today Pukkelpop has become one of the biggest alternative open air festivals in Europe.

Pukkelpop prides itself on its progressive music program, with its idiosyncratic blend of unforgettable top acts and surprising new talent. Year after year, Pukkelpop’s international audience comes to Kiewit Hasselt, to enjoy a combination of successful contemporary bands, living legends and the most visionary alternative acts from all nooks and crannies of the musical landscape.

Each year in August about 200 acts play one of the 8 Pukkelpop stages during the three-day festival.


laundry day

Laundry Day

The official application for Laundry Day, presented by Jupiler. The Saga Continues on Sat, 6th Sept.

Twelve spacy stages, more than 130 international DJs, and over 65.000 Space Troopers unite to close the summer season with beats, breaks and an amazing crowd in Antwerp, Belgium.



Justin Bieber might have his Beliebers. But they are nothing compared to our Appmirers. Our mobile applications are being used by the world’s leading festivals, partnering brands and over 1.000.000 music festival fanatics.

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Demo & Quote

Like what you see? Busy organising a music festival? That’s a coincidence.
Let’s talk business then. Shall we? Simply Leave your contacts below and we’ll get back to you quicker than you can say: “the artist formerly known as prince.”


Not convinced yet, check out some cool infographics from summer 2014.


Appmiral started as one of the first lab projects at Appstrakt, somewhere early 2010. Why experiment with music festival applications? Because we’re proud citizens of Belgium, famous for hosting some of the world’s largest and leading music festivals like Rock Werchter, Tomorrowland, I Love Techno,…That’s why we made it our duty, as proud and loyal citizens of “The Land of the Music Festivals” to make our festival apps at least equally known.
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We envisioned a product as a service that would be a worthy replacement to the competing hybrid / web tech driven festival app solutions already available in the market. Why music festivals only? Because we wanted to focus and become the best.

We initially started building a set of dedicated native frameworks to support all relevant mobile platforms such as: iOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Mobile 6.5 and Windows Phone 7 & 8. All from the ground up and led by 3 key drivers:

Optimal user experience

We explicitly choose native development to get optimal app performance and to focus on sticking to the different Operating System methodologies, standards and user conventions.


From a production point of view, nearly all music festivals are the same. The distinction can be found in their identity, look & feel and the tone of voice used in their communication. That’s not different with the featureset of their applications. They all have the same content and functionality, but the look & feel needs to be adjusted to the look & feel of the festival.


Existing functionalities can easily be added and removed from the applications. Festival specific content and functionality can easily be added without touching the core of the framework.

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Currently, driven by market evolution and the irrelevance of some of the previous platforms, we only keep supporting iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

In 2011 Appmiral evolved to a separate company. It is a joint venture with Zanzibar, a bunch of likeminded people with tons of experience working within the international music festival ecosystem.

Antwerp HQ

Kammenstraat 18
2000 Antwerp

New York office

72 Allen Street
New York, NY 10002 (Manhattan)
United States