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Appmiral helps music festival organizers expand their festival experience to attendants’ smartphones. Our framework-driven mobile apps combine customizability and top-notch performance.

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"Appmiral is a fully fledged communication tool for us. We can use it – in real time – to notify visitors of urgent events . And it gives our partners the opportunity to be a part of our festival visitors experience."

The product

The best-rated music festival apps are getting even better.

Appmiral is a high-quality native mobile app framework made specifically for building cross–platform music festival apps. It allows us to create feature-packed custom apps at a very sharp price.


100% reliable

We tested and improved our infrastructure to guarantee our users a flawless experience, even during peak traffic.


The apps are fully customizable - ready to take on and rock the brand identity of your music festival, without losing sight of platform conventions.

Contextual & relevant

Users don’t have to jump between several screens – the apps are intelligent and context-aware. They know what the user needs.


Recommendations from friends, each user’s unique musical profile, a custom schedule – Appmiral apps have never been this personal.


Your application works beautifully even when offline. Patchy internet service at the festival site?
The Appmiral has your back.


Your application collects a lot of data that allows you to optimise the festival experience and gather relevant insights on your audiences.


The best-rated music festival apps in the world come in two sizes, and we keep our pricing completely transparent.

Gold Platinum
€ 3.500 per edition € 7.000 per edition
Festival Personal schedule
Explore Line-up
Artist detail page
Interactive newsfeed
Partner integration
Social Friends recommendations
Social channels integration
Music Music integration
User favorites
Personal music recommendations
Communication Interactive cards
Unlimited Push Notifications
Synchronized content
Maps Basic map
Dynamic map
Categorise POI’s & Explore list

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About us

Appmiral started out in early 2010 as one of the first lab projects at November Five. A year later, we evolved into a joint venture with Zanzibar. It was a perfect fit: the Zanzibar team is a bunch of like-minded people with tons of experience working with the international music festival ecosystem.

Why this specific focus on music festival applications? Because we are proud citizens of Belgium, a country famous for hosting some of the world’s largest and most trendsetting music festivals like Rock Werchter, Tomorrowland, I Love Techno, and more. We are festival natives as much as we are digital natives! That’s why we made it our duty, as proud and loyal denizens of ‘The land of the music festivals’, to make our festival apps at least equally well-known.